A selection of my written work

Sometimes, It Does Hurt To Ask
Digg — Jan. 2017

A story of three very different people trying to afford health care in America. But for these transgender persons, it's even harder than you would think.

The Small Business Of Trying To Go Big Online
Digg — Nov. 2017

The internet is where small businesses live, but is it even possible to make a decent living there?

Guy Fieri, Kid Chef Competitions, and Pure Joy Collide at the State Fair
Texas monthly — Oct. 2017

I went to the Texas State Fair because I love cooking shows, and I needed to witness the magic of Guy Fieri irl.

This Company Wants to Fill the Void in Plus-Size Fashion
Racked — april 2017

Dia & Co. isn’t just here to help customers: The company wants to help brands find new customers.

Remembering Selena in the Trump era
The cut/nymag — march 2017

This year, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out what the worth of a young person is, what the worth of a young brown person is, in this America.

Sweating It Out at the Dallas Cowboys-Branded Luxury Gym
mel magazine — dec. 2017

What makes people want to work out at a fitness center run by America’s Team?

on the brandwagon
The hairpin — may 2017

A look at Benebabes, Tartelettes and the rise of the cult makeup follower.

psmag.com — sept. 2017

Women across the country are working to build economic empowerment in the fledgling legal marijuana industry for people of color.

Where Have All the Butch Dykes Gone?
THem. — nov. 2017

They haven’t disappeared — the gender binary has.