Notes from the Deathbed of Toys “R” Us Store No. 7813
d magazine — august 2018

The story of the death of a Texas Toys ‘R’ Us where it should have thrived. Published in the August 2018 issue of D Magazine.


I wrote about María Sabina, the woman who introduced mushrooms to Americans, and I still think about her almost every day. Purchase Vol. 2 of Gossamer to read my 4,000 words.

Pacific standard — june 2018

In 2018, I was a contributing writer for Pacific Standard’s digital arm, writing about reproductive rights. This is my favorite column on the history of violence inflicted on people who provide reproductive care. Read my entire archive here.

Anthony Kennedy Is Retiring. Now, an Even Tougher Fight to Protect Abortion Rights Begins.
elle — june 2018

Analysis of future of reproductive rights when Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement.

Meet the Two Candidates Poised to Become Texas’ First Latina Congresswomen
elle — SEPTEMBER 2018

I profiled the two women poised to be the first Latinas to represent Texas in Congress. They won their elections two months later.

How women’s abortion stories are shattering stigma around the procedure
Bustle — january 2018

We’re suddenly hearing lots of women talk about their abortions. What changed?

A second life
Lenny Letter — February 2018

An essay on building your life with the things the dead leave behind.

Sometimes, It Does Hurt To Ask
Digg — Jan. 2017

A story of three very different people trying to afford health care in America. But for these transgender persons, it's even harder than you would think.

The Small Business Of Trying To Go Big Online
Digg — Nov. 2017

The internet is where small businesses live, but is it even possible to make a decent living there?